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Renegade Art Fair Chicago

I know this isn't steampunk per se, but since a number of the attending artisans make steamy bits, I figured it was worth a mention.

Any community members planning on going this weekend? Anyone exhibiting? I'm heading down with some of my Milwaukee folk via Metra/CTA from Kenosha on Saturday. Give me a shout in the comments and I'll keep an eye out for you!

Not your average Steampunk 1 - the Circus

I recently began thinking of the classical steampunk archetypes - the professor, the soldier, the big game hunter, etc, etc - but there are many things that would be intensely interesting to see in a world of gears, brass and steam. 

Not your average Steampunk will be a monthly feature where we can discuss a certain venue for new ideas to the steampunk formula.  This month, the circus.  What better place to see marvels of man and machinery perform for the delight of men, women and children.  I got the idea after watching the preview for the Torchwood episode "From out of the rain".  Imagine, if you will, a ringleader wielding a megaphone connected to an amplifying device in his grand tophat.  Perhaps lion tamers could use whips alongside steam-blasting gauntlets to hold feroicious jungle cats at bay while a rifle armed hunter stands guard.  Acrobats could fly across the bigtop's ceiling while juggling mutli-colored alchemical potions that billow clouds of rainbow colored smoke! 

Now that's the greatest show on earth.  What kind of steampunk ideas would you apply to the classical 3-ring circus?

Anime Central 2009 Update

Registration for Acen '09 has opened up. As I stated before, I'm curious to see if there will be a steampunk group at the con this year. Drop a comment if you'll be attending and if you'll be going a la steam.

Steampunk Exhibition in NY

Steampunk Exhibition

I'm sure some of the other LJ communities have posted about this, and I know that this doesn't exactly fit into the "Midwest" category, but I thought it was worth mentioning and Brass Goggles deserves a link anyway.

Anime Central 2009

There are tentative plans for a steampunk group forming to attend Anime Central 2009 in full costume. Obviously, this depends heavily on whether or not me and my constituents can successfully prepare for such an endeavor, but I feel it's worth mentioning so that people who are interested can plan accordingly.


Let me get this first post out of the way so this place doesn't look quite so barren.

This community was designed with the intent to give those of us languishing in the American Mid-West a place to showcase our works, discuss meet-ups/conventions and bounce story or character ideas off one another. The coasts have there steambases. Now we have ours.

I should make mention that I, your humble proprietor, am centered in the Chicago area, so if you are interested in things beyond the purview of my domain, don't hesitate to post!

More to come, I assure you.